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Picture a weekly boost of inspiration, education and entertainment that leaves you feeling elevated and connected! Either watch online via video or listen in by podcast and MP3 and enjoy getting up close and personal with one of Australia’s most experienced, raw and sought after presenters, Carren Smith!

Welcome to Carren’s Couch!

With a world class team backing this phenomenal production, our on-set antics, bloopers and mess ups make this unedited talk show an authentic insight into the playful nature of humanity. We don’t hold anything back as we reach across the globe to bring you the most compelling viewing, week after week.

Focused on delivering variety, fun, information and epic entertainment, Carren’s Couch is invested in creating a series of memorable moments that question traditions and challenge beliefs. Our host, Carren Smith leaves no stone unturned as she investigates topics including marriage, health, wealth, love, money, depression, sex, drugs, politics, education, business, diet, image, teenage pregnancy…… You name it…. We cover it! No topic is off limits and no question is unanswered as we interact with our audience through live forums and social media giving a voice to the thoughts of society! Unbiased and uncensored,  our vision is to bring the truth to YOUR unanswered questions!

Our Ambitious Goals

  1. Inspire personal responsibility through entertainment, engagement and awareness.

  2. Connect our audience with the greatest minds of our time.

  3. Create a movement with the message of Carren’s Couch.

  4. Build a following of audaciously curious people.

  5. Become a house-hold name.

The Carren’s Couch Team

Min Swan

Chief Production Manager

Luke James

Chief Production Engineer