Min Swan

Chief Production Manager

Passion, drive, energy and tenacity are words synonymous with Carren’s Couch Chief Production Manager, Min Swan. Min’s mission in life is to inspire people to celebrate potential, positive choices and and the magic of life in every single day, in every interaction and in every achievement. Generously catering to our diverse society, Min’s speciality is bringing powerful engagement and connection to each production which continues to exceed the wildest dreams of our guests, audiences and sponsors!

Responsible for bringing Carren’s Couch to life every week, Min tirelessly researches our guests and coordinates their involvement in each show for maximum impact and audience inspiration and participation which ensures their experience with our show is both memorable and highly valued.

As Carren Smith’s personal confidant and occasional co-host on Carren’s Couch, Min is an integral contributor to the success of this global powerhouse! Sharing the vision, mission and goals of this show is the fuel that ignites the fire in Min’s ability to continuously bring our audiences the heroes and heroines of this world, the inspiring and the inspired, the educated and the experienced, the yes and the no, the will and the won’t, the have’s and the have nots…. and everyone in between, making Carren’s Couch the most EPIC show on earth!

Luke James

Chief Production Engineer

Founder of The IT Wellness Pro, and chief production engineer of Carrens Couch, Luke James is responsible for all technology requirements to get the show to air. He is the genius behind actually recording and producing the show, and works tirelessly in the background to ensure that you get to see, hear and interact with Carren’s Couch every moment of every day.

An IT professional with over 12 years in the IT industry, and 8+ years in the IT service industry, Information Technology is truly his first language. His friends and family think he is probably part cyborg.

His absolute passion is helping people navigate technology, hunting down the best and latest technology to bring to those around him, and using it to bring wellness to the world, for the betterment of all humanity.