Carren Smith

As a visionary in the field of human transformation along with being a global resource and humanitarian, Carren’s mission is to open the eyes and shift the reality of tens of thousands of people through SELF-awareness, influence and personal potency.

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Min Swan

Passion, drive, energy and tenacity are words synonymous with Carren’s Couch Chief Production Manager, Min Swan. Min’s mission in life is to inspire people to celebrate potential, positive choices and and the magic of life in every single day, in every interaction and in every achievement. Generously catering to our diverse society, Min’s speciality is…

Luke James

Changing the world by helping the people who change the world. Luke’s love of all things technology fuses with his desire to achieve greatness for the world. Through helping the world’s visionaries, he helps get the bigger message out through the worldwide platform. His commitment, attention to detail, integrity and enthusiasm help bring to life…